Business Group

Electronic Security
Equipment & Systems

Develops security sensors and systems for intruder detection, tailing, monitoring, and data security, etc., for use both in facilities vital to the social infrastructure as well as in residences.

Contributes to intrusion prevention and more efficient surveillance through products and systems that can cover all areas around not only building perimeters but also premises, property lines, and the sky above.

  • Indoor Sensors
  • Outdoor Sensors & IR Photo Beams
  • Perimeter & Physical Network Security Sensors (Fiber Optical Sensors)
  • CCTV Lighting
  • Remote Video Surveillance Service


Entrance Automation
Equipment & Systems

Provides automatic door sensors that result in safe and smooth opening and closing for automatic doors in office buildings, hospitals, and department stores, etc., for industrial doors in factories and warehouses, and for the automatic doors used on Shinkansen trains, etc.

Also offers a lineup of access control devices for entry-restricted areas and security door sensors for detecting tailgating.

  • Automatic Door Sensors
  • Access Control Systems


Temperature Measuring
Equipment & Systems

Offers non-contact thermometers that enable an object's temperature to be measured quickly and safely without actual contact with the target object. These devices can be used in a wide range of fields, such as for monitoring the temperature in production lines and for surveillance of abnormal heat generation and quality control in equipment.

Water Quality Measuring
Equipment & Systems

Performs advanced water quality control for water treatment processes at effluent and water treatment facilities utilizing liquid measurement for turbidity and clarity as well as using water quality measurement sensors that measure specified substances.

Factory Automation
Equipment & Systems

Offers industrial sensors that are indispensable to quality control in factory production lines for a variety of products. Sensors for factory automation including photoelectronic sensors, vision sensors, displacement sensors, and LED lighting for machine vision have resulted in higher processing speed, improved detection accuracy, efficient control, and reduction in costs due to losses.

  • Factory Automation Equipment & Systems
  • Image Inspection & Video Communication System


Lighting Control Systems

Provides lighting control systems that support energy and power savings for eco-management in companies and local governments, etc., by turning on lights when the sensors detect people or automobiles and leaving only the minimum required level of lighting on when no one is present.

Driver Assistance

Supplies sensors that can gauge and make the driver aware of their driving behavior, thus enabling them to visualize safe driving habits. This helps to reduce automobile accidents and increases the safety of pedestrians and drivers, and thus contributes to a safer automotive society.

People Counting

Produces systems that count the number of visitors to commercial establishments, public facilities, and event sites, then digitize and compile a database of the total number of persons daily entering the store, the average time they spend there, and their line of flow (traffic line) and range of movement inside that store, etc., thus serving as a valuable construction and marketing tool for more efficient store operation and sales and development strategies.

Semiconductor & Video
analytics Software

Offers counter ICs, machine vision inspection and mass high-speed data transmission ICs, and modules. Also provides real-time image clarification IPs that are employed in surveillance cameras, etc., and is working to expand their application.

EMS Business

Offers EMS and ODM that results in full support for our customers' product-making process, from development, design, and procurement to mass production, based on the production engineering capabilities we have cultivated in the production and manufacture of security sensors, automatic door sensors, etc.