Optex Sensing Technology for making the world work better

Optex sensing technologies, fostered as its core competence over many years.
Optex technology spearheads the response to society’s needs which have become diversified, complicated and advanced.
Optex creative activities will continue, integrating its original sensing technology with new elemental technology.
For the realization around the world of societies that are “safe, secure, and comfortable”.

A variety of sensor technology

Far-infrared Sensor

Catching energy of radiant objects

Near-infrared Sensor

Immediate detection of objects by reflection or permeation of light

Non-contact Temperature Sensor

realization of hygienic and efficient temperature control without harming target objects

Water Quality Measuring Technology

Realization of water quality measurement and monitoring of various usage through the application of diverse light measurement technology

Acceleration Sensor

Technology to precisely detect abrupt steering and abrupt braking

People Tracking Technology

Tracking only 'people' with high accuracy, creating various added value in addition to security

Photochromatic Technology

Light adjustment developed from technology by human science study

3D Range Image Technology

3D range image technology, the world’s most advanced technology which is not affected by sunlight or lighting environment