Non-contact Temperature Sensor

Optex has realized hygienic and efficient temperature control without harming targets.

Originally, infrared thermometers were used only in the steel industry which treats high-temperature heat sources.
Optex has worked to make the non-contact temperature sensors more user-friendly by expanding their application.
Optex has contributed to wider range of use of temperature measurement, maximizing the temperature measuring technology that it has fostered until now.

Sensor which measure temperature by infrared rays emitted by objects.

Objects around us emit infrared rays from their surface in proportion to their heat values.
Non-contact temperature sensors receive these infrared rays and convert that amount of radiation into temperature.
Not only in industries, but in various scenes of society, there is an expanding use of the technology to measure target surface temperature in an instant without contact.

It is capable of detecting the wavelengths of stable 'Atmospheric Windows'.

In using non-contact temperature sensors, it is necessary to select wavelengths suitable for measurement.
It is also important that the selected wavelengths are not those easily affected by infrared-absorbing substances, such as water vapor or carbon dioxides.
Optex's non-contact temperature sensors use wavelengths called 'Atmospheric Windows' that, among the long wavelengths suitable for measurement, present fewer obstructing factors.

It can be used without the inconvenience of different emissivity of each object.

It was necessary to identify and set the correct emissivity of each object in order to measure its precise temperature.
Optex's mounted type of thermometers dramatically reduce the number of processes as it has the TEACH function, automatically calculating and recording the emissivity of an object when its temperature value is entered.

Optex has a wide variety of product line of portable thermometers according to their application.

Optex carries various types of non-contact temperature sensors suitable for a range of applications,

  • Water-proof type with protection structure IP67, which can withstand submergence of even 1m
  • Shock-resistant type with a body structure which can resist the drop impact from a height of 1m.
  • Highly sensitive type with minute temperature detection ranges which can measure the increase of temperature of IC chip-type electronic components.
  • Position visualization type mounted with laser marker, which enables the visualization of a measurement position
  • PC-connectable type capable of simple reporting by connecting it to a PC.

Optex's portable non-contact temperature sensors are designed to be compact, portable, and easy to carry.