Far-infrared Sensor

Catching energy emitted from objects

Sensors which catch far-infrared, thermal electromagnetic waves
They are applied to a variety range of fields such as security sensors or automatic door sensors.

Principle of far-infrared sensor

Thermal infrared sensor

Pyroelectric sensors are used in order to catch far-infrared emitted from all the substances with temperature and enable thermal sensors to detect slight temperature changes.
3D detection area is created by minituarizing sensors combined with optical system (lenses).
Thermal energy changes generated by transfer of objects or people which intrude into the security area.

Optex highly reliable technology to ensure detection of subjects

The followings are possible factors where sensors are affected indoors or outdoors.

  • Entrance of infrared-contained sun light
  • Temperature changes caused by automobile headlight or some existing heat source in the detection area
  • Effect of unexpected infrared energy such as detection of birds or small animals which have similar temperature properties with humans

Considering those matters, Optex has taken measures to remove disturbing factors to sensors.

【Security use】

Double conductive filters to reduce ambient light

Effects caused by ambient light such as the sunlight or automobile headlight is blocked with mounting double conductive shielding, a unique Optex product.

Quad zone logic to prevent malfunction due to entrance of small animals

In order to avoid malfunction caused by entrance of rats, dogs, cats or other small animals, detection zone activating only by entrance of humans by introducing Optex unique optical technology.

Passive infrared human detection which excludes factors other than humans

And detection' where 2-stage upper and lower detection zones are set
Optex strives to decrease malfunction caused by passing of vehicles as well as small animals by enhancing the functionality of sensors which recognize human passage only when the both upper and lower security areas are simultaneously intercepted.

Optex proposes solutions suitable for individual application with its a variety of technology
Optex offers solutions by combining its diverse technology; introduction of high density patterning to detection areas, flexible response to climate or environment changes by temperature compensation circuit, etc.