Optex Sensing Technology
− Creating new "value"through sensing technology −

Incorporating the technology optimal for use, its original sensing algorithm and added values of diversity for meeting customer needs, Optex is pursuing safer, more secure and comfortable manufacturing.

For enhancing possiblity of sensors

The origin of sensor is 'sense,' the meaning of which is 'perception' or the 'five senses'. A sensor is a device which detects physical changes in nature including light, temperature and pressure, converting this information into electrical signals and transmitting the digital data. Sensors contribute to the promotion of 'automation and high speed performance', 'remote control', 'unmanned systems', 'continuous monitoring' and 'efficiency' in the familiar environments, such as at homes, public facilities, offices and factories.
A sensor is also an environmentally friendly product which enables the improvement of energy efficiency and the reduction of energy consumption.
For enhancing possiblity of sensors Physical changes detected by sensors are mostly minute changes, and in most cases, it's difficult for human senses to recognize them. In order to ensure reliable and stable sensing, it is imperative to accumulate and reflect different types of element technology or know-how, including an 'algorithm' which controls physical changes.
Optex is actively addressing how to 'realize stable and reliable sensing' suitable for the intended use.

Accumulation and reflection of technology to realize optimality

Highly flexible design know-how to accommodate use and needs

By freely selecting and incorporating various technologies, Optex offers the optimal solution for each location, providing products that match uses and needs.
In addition, Optex accumulates and reflects technical know-how of diverse hardware designs, including optical design technology and telecommunication technology, necessary to miniaturize products.

Realization of noise reduction, reflecting severe tests and on-site feedback

In addition to severe testing, Optex is improving sensor judgment criteria and eliminating various noises by accumulating and reflecting feedback from installation sites worldwide.
Optex aims is aiming to realize intelligent sensing closer to human eyes and thinking.

Taking on the challenge of new values friendly to the earth's environment

Optex is committed to realizing high quality production/design technology and providing environmental solutions by integrating new element technology with its unique sensing technology through ideas and experience-based knowledge. Optex continues the challenge of creating new values and providing solutions in order to open up a new epoch.

Anti-Noise Technology

  • Hardware design to minimize various types of noise
  • Optex implements diverse environmental assessments chosen independently and commercializes only those products which meet its criteria.

Precision Optical Design

  • Realization of high-density area covering completely without loss, by fully utilizing optical simulations
  • Packaging technology to realize miniaturization

Public Reliability Standard Observance

  • Complying with and meeting all global standards.
  • Complying with and meeting standards, guidelines specified by each industry
    (CE mark ing, EN [TUV c ertific ation], ANSI, J IS, etc .)

Environment-Friendly Design

  • Making all the components of its products harmless by specifying 15 regulated pollutants and 10 voluntary-control substances
  • Compliance with the RhHS directive and realization of lead-free soldering
  • Design to minimize CO2 effects at the time of use

Reliable, Safe Control

  • Self-diagnosis at the time of failure or dysfunction of sensors so as to prevent system functions from declining as well as the adoption of a failsafe function
  • Proposal for preventive maintenance measures to maintain functions

Proprietary Sensing Algorithms

  • An original algorithm which detects, scrutinizes and analyzes only intended incidents, by removing noise effects which cannot be suppressed by hardware.
  • Various kinds of automatic correction functions in order to maintain performance in the field