People Tracking Technology

Only humans are tracked with precision with this technology. Aside from security, diverse added values are created.

With this technology only humans can be tracked, distinguishing the 'human' contour from other objects. It can be applied to various scenes, the prevention of unauthorized entry, counting customers in a commercial complex, and so on.

Vector Focal Method, a unique people tacking system developed by Optex

A Human is detected by the Vector Focal Method (Image recognition).

Human reflected in an image is recognized and traced with high speed and high precision.
People are recognized by calculating vector data to form the three-dimensional contour shape of a person, and tracks human profiles by gathering such data accurately and at high speed.

Versatile application is ensured with the mounted multiple differentiation function.

People tracking image
The necessary function can be selected according to the application, such as detection of human traffic in a certain direction (entry/exit control, people counting), detection of a person remaining in a specified area (entry/exit control), multi-directional measurement (people counting, grasping traffic flow by direction).
* The Vector focal method is image recognition technology developed by Giken Trastem of the OPTEX Group. (patented technology)

Utilized for prevention of unauthorized entry as well as in marketing

Entry control/tailgating detection

This system is used for detecting tailgating in an entry/exit control system, by identifying the number of unauthorized entry from difference between the number of authorized people with an ID and that of passers-by. For an environment requiring high security, the use of the multiple stay detection function which enables detection of more than two people within a specified detection area is recommended.

Store management, customer volume information system

The number of people entering a commercial complex or public facility is counted and information such as the average staying time or traffic flow within a specific facility is digitalized. This system is used for the appropriate assignment of personnel security, holding events, and the evaluation of visitors in shopping centers.