Our Value and Mission


At OPTEX, we are understandably proud of our innovation, responsiveness to customers and commitment to future development using sensing technologies.

Creating reliable products to gain our customers' trust in every situation is the first duty of our group. However, we are not simply a product manufacturer. We believe in leading the market and are constantly working to identify needs that our customers themselves may not even be fully aware of.

In essence, we are nurturing a synergy with customers, using our extensive experience to uncover latent needs and develop new applications for advanced sensing technologies. This requires technical expertise, coupled with sensitivity, creativity, and a determination to push beyond existing limitations.


Our mission is simply to help our customers face their individual challenges, while our goal is to invent a better future for the people of the world.

A key part concerning OPTEX's mission is also to build a comprehensive global network of offices. This will of course enable quick and professional delivery of our products and services, and it will also bring us closer to our customers, allowing us to more fully understand the specific needs of each region.